File Lost Property Report

If you lost unchecked property on a flight or at the airport, our Service Agents will make every effort available to us to return it to you as quickly as possible. Please carefully fill out the form in detail to submit your claim online.

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For any items left at a TSA security check point, please contact the TSA at 866-289-9673 or visit

InstaFile is an independent airline lost and found service offering Service Agent assistance not affiliated with any airport, airline, or any other government entity. Information provided in this claim may be used to file with third-party resources as required by the airport or airline when filing your lost property report.


    Complete the IntsaFile Lost property submission form


    An assigned agent acts on your behalf to report and pursue locating your lost property


    The correct Authorities are provided with your contact information and if your property is found, you are contacted directly to have it returned safely.

Airport and Airline Lost and Found procedures differ between companies. If you have left behind belongings during the security screening process, a visit to the bathroom, food court, or while waiting for your flight, it is important to take action as soon as possible. The sooner that you start the search process for your lost item or luggage, the better the chances for property recovery.