Lost Gold flat square bangle with saftely clasp

It was bespoke made 9ct gold flat square bangle. No one has one like it as it was bespoke made for me. I only noticed it was not on my arm after being asked to take all my bracelets off going through security! We were a bit late and rushing for the plane so I only noticed once I was boarding and putting all my bracelets back on. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find an image to show but will keep looking. The bangle is about 75mm wide all the way around & is flat. The saftely clasp holds it close or else it opened uptoalmist a capital E shape but not quite as much. I was visiting Disney for 2 days as my daughter was performing with her dance school there. I have been in contact with the park’s lost property as I was concerned I lost it there but I’m sure when I was asked to remove my bracelets at security I might have noticed it wasn’t there if I lost it st the park? I really am unsure hence asking you guys as I might have dropped it while it was off my arm or left it in the tray by accident due to being in a rush?
Pls help ????????

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