Travel preparedness during Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

Airline Policies during Covid-19

Airline Policies during Covid-19


As the world is looking at how to return to some form of normalcy following a pandemic, one of the most significant adjustments we all will have to make is in regards to travel preparedness. Travel is an essential part of many of our lives. More than ever before, business travel has become routine. Families also live further apart, prompting loved ones to make regular visits cross country as part of maintaining our connections.

Since Covid-19 (Coronavirus) came into our lives, it is likely either you or someone you know has had their travel plans disrupted over these past few months. Maybe even worse is the continued uncertainty about how our future travel planning will be impacted.

Naturally the key questions we all are asking is “How can the airports and airlines keep us safe?” and “What can I do to improve the chances that safety measures are ultimately successful?”

Below are some of the newest policies being put in place by some of the major airlines which can also help you decide the best fit for you.


Delta Air Lines

 Delta Air Lines is requiring all of its employees to wear masks or face coverings when unable to maintain the six-foot social distancing rule. Masks are also made available to all of their passengers, which can be found at ticket counters, gates, and onboard flights. To be clear however, while they strongly encourage passengers to wear masks, they are not a requirement.
To aid physical distancing between passengers and flight staff, Delta is blocking middle seats,  and reducing the number of passengers on each flight, as well as boarding customers 10 at a time. They are also changing food and beverage services to reduce touchpoints between passengers and crew

American Airlines

American Airlines has begun providing masks to passengers and starting in May,  American Airlines has turned off some computers and kiosks at ticket counters to encourage social distancing. Signs are strategically placed to remind passengers not to crowd. There are reduced food and beverage services,  and passenger numbers have been limited on each aircraft through May 31. 50% of middle seats are being blocked to allow for physical distancing.

JetBlue Airways

JetBlue is the first major US carrier that requires all passengers to wear face masks starting May 4. They have also limited the number of available seats on most flights and regularly review seat assignments to maximize space between passengers. There are also adjustments made to food and beverage service to minimize touchpoints between passengers and attendants.

Air Canada

Air Canada: All passengers flying through, to or from Canada are required to wear a non-medical face mask or face covering over their nose and mouth.
Air Canada is continually readjusting seating arrangements to enable the most social distancing. Where adequate spacing isn’t possible, passengers can choose to take a later flight at no additional cost.
Some services and amenities have been adjusted to help reduce the risk of viral transmission. Some food services have been suspended or shifted to pre-packaged fare and bar service. Pillows and blankets are no longer available on some flights.

Masks and other protective equipment common in Asia

Malaysia Airlines requires all passengers (excluding infants) to wear face masks.
Korean Air is providing cabin crew with protective clothing, including goggles, masks and gloves. All passengers are required to wear masks, and the airline is providing surgical masks and hand sanitizers at airports and on aircraft.
“Protective gowns are being provided on medium- and long-haul inbound flights as overseas Covid-19 cases continue to increase significantly,” Korean Air says in outlining its protective policies.

Some European carriers are offering or requiring masks

Lufthansa Group (Includes Lufthansa, Swiss and Austrian Airlines) Starting May 4, passengers and flight attendants will be required to wear face coverings.  Lufthansa Group also reports that leaving middle seats vacant will no longer be necessary due to wearing the face masks.
Air France Beginning May 11, Air France will be requiring all passengers to wear face masks for the duration of their flight
KLM Airlines : Effective May 11, KLM passengers and crew members will be required to wear face masks. Flight crew are also required to wear protective gloves.
Article Credit: Marnie Hunter, CNN • Updated 30th April 2020
Article Credit: 4 May 2020 by Alex McWhirter
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