InstaFile Lost Property Reporting

Refund Policy

InstaFile strives for your satisfaction with the online lost property report filing services we provide worldwide. As the recovery of your property is urgent and time sensitive, InstaFile begins our reporting and recovery process as soon as the case information reaches the assigned Service Agent. In addition, your lost property claim is immediately added to the online Lost & Found Global Database upon submission.

For these reasons, refund requests must be made to within 24 hours of submitting your claim with InstaFile. Refund requests are considered for approval according to the a) reason for request, b) if reporting services have been provided, and c) time of refund request within 24 hours of claim. If it is approved, it will be submitted to a Supervisor for processing. Please consider any additional processing time needed by your credit card company.

InstaFile will issue either a full or service fee refund, depending on the status of your claim and the services performed on behalf of your property. The service fee is not dependent on the recovery of your lost property.

If InstaFile is ever unable, not allowed, or has yet to provide any successful services, and has not listed your claim with the Global Database, a full refund of $29.99 will be issued by your Service Agent.

If a claim has already been added to our Global Database but other recovery abilities are limited, Service Agents can approve a $22.00 service fee refund. The $7.99 listing fee for the Global Database is non-refundable. Refund approvals are based on the level of your information having been distributed to the correct parties to facilitate reuniting you with your property.

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