InstaFile Lost Property Reporting

Refund Policy

InstaFile strives for your satisfaction with the lost property search and report filing services we provide worldwide. The recovery of your property is considered urgent and time sensitive. As such, InstaFile begins our reporting and search process as soon as the case information reaches the assigned Service Agent.

For this reason, refund requests must be submitted for review within 24 hours of your report being filed with InstaFile Lost property. Refund requests are then considered for approval based on the timeliness, accuracy, and thoroughness of our search (based on the information provided by owners) and whether reporting services have begun. If the request is approved, it will be submitted to the Supervisor for processing. Please consider any additional processing time needed by your credit card company.

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If approved, InstaFile will issue either a full or service fee refund, depending on the status of your claim and the services performed on your behalf.

If a claim has already been added to our database but other recovery abilities are limited due to the involved airport and/or airlines lack of lost property management availability, Service Agents can approve a $30.00 service fee refund. The $9.99 listing fee for the database and initial reporting is non-refundable. Refunds are based on the level of your information having been distributed to the correct parties to facilitate reuniting you with your property.

Having property returned to its owners is the number one goal at InstaFile. While we cannot guarantee recovery of your property, we can guarantee every agent will use all resources available to reunite owners with their property.

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