InstaFile Service Agent Reviews

“It was so kind and honest act for my phone to be found by the individual cleaner on my flight from Manchester to Brussels flight SN2178. Thank you so much
Then the lady on the airplane from Brussels to Oslo SN2287 HELPED me listened to me and then rang and found out that A phone had been found and had been handed into LOST AND PROPERTY so I then on my return collected this. Thank you air hostess ( I have no name for the lady she was in her 40’s I think ) I hope you don’t mind me putting this information”

Sakhtar Manchester, UK

“I so appreciated the numerous updates I received on the status of the search for my missing items. I knew that my claim was still active and not just received and then forgotten. The minimal fee charged for this service was totally worth it, even though my property was found elsewhere.”

Susan USA

“My personal phone fell out of my pocket on a business flight to a country I didn’t know the language. I was such a frantic mess when I found InstaFile. They did the footwork of finding my phone while I figured out where my hotel was. I’ve never been so relieved than to have that back in my hands.”

Joanne Florida, USA

“I knew exactly where I left my phone but didn’t have the time or patience to sit through the airport automated phone systems. One online claim to have my phone back in hand by the end of the day was well worth it.”

Richard S.Seattle, WA.

“Never thought something like that would ever happen to me. The airline lost my bags. With InstaFile I got my lost bags back within hours of losing them. The website was quick and easy to use. I’m very glad I found InstaFile, without them my trip would have been a complete disaster. The agent who was assisting me was very polite, professional with a very quick response time. I’m so thankful to Highly recommend!”

TimothyBrestskaya Oblasti, Belarus

“I had no idea what to do when I realized that my wallet is missing. I just flew across the ocean and there was no way to know exactly where I lost it. A friend recommended InstaFile Lost Property Reporting. I got my wallet back in less than 1 week. Thanks to IntaFile and I thought I’d never see it again.”

PeteTexas, USA